About Wordego Network

This is an Online advertising Network that makes programmatic advertising exceptionally reward for advertisers and publishers. wordefo uses Text mining and machine learning technologies to analyze the content of the web pages and the perfomance of the ads in real-time, to bring the most relevant and highest-performing ads to the visitors. Thes unique techniques boost the consumer-ad interaction on the web sites and thus provide higher investment returns for advertisers and significantly increased revenues for publishers

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 Min. Payment

 100(usd) Bank transfer

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Wordego Network for Advertiser 

Each web sites and mobile application is deffrent in terms of content and visitor profile. Wordego uses diversifed targeting techniques such as content targeting, location targeting, re- targeting and re-marketing. to determine your targt audience on websites in real time and Thus wordego allows you to save on advertising budget and increases the return of your ad investment. 

Key Point

Wordego Network for Publisher

The content and the visitor profile of every web sites and mobile application is differnt. To ensure making maximum profit  from your ad spaces, every ad that will be shown on your web sites must be determind instantly by taking into consideration your site's category, your web pages content and your visitors profile.


Key Points


FAQ's for Publishers

1. Ad format ?

2. Approval Process?

  1. Website/blog must have quality content.
  2. Website/blog must have top level domain.
  3. Do not accept adult content
  4. Take upto 48 hours for approval.

3. Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of Wordego is based on NET45. it's pay minimum $100 by Bank Transfer.

4. CPC,CPM and CPA Rates ?

CPM rates= Approx max. upto $6 for per 1000 impression. (Depending on the country traffic and many other parameters)

5. Payment proof & Earning Reports ?

If you got paid by this network please send us a snapshot of your payment proof by click on below upload payment proof button.


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