About Hitupz Media Network

This is a Bulgarian company. Hitupz Media provides a highly sophisticated online platform for advertisers and publishers of all sizes to meet up and exchange advertisements and traffic in a mutually benificial manner.  Advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using Hitupz Media advertiser account. Publishers need to generate adcodes of desired dimensions using Hitupz Media publisher account. Ad selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated Hitupz Media platform.

Hitupz Media Network info:




 Establish Year




 Network Type


 Min. Payment

 $50 via paypal, pioneer

 Payment Freq.

 On request 






 Contact Details



Hitupz Media Network for Advertiser

You can promote your business using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and generate top quality leads to your websites. Your ads will have widespread reach as they are served in our enormous publisher network. Create your ads in Text or Banner formats and control the target audience of your ads by configuring keywords and geographical filters. Pay only when someone clicks on your advertisements. They provides highly cost effective advertising solution that ensures you that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your web sites.

Key Points

Hitupz Media Network for Publisher

Monetize your website traffic by placing adcodes from Hitupz Media publisher account. Hitupz Media gives you money for every valid click from your websites. They ensures that ads from highest bidders are rendered on your websites, thereby assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.

Key Points



FAQ's for Publishers

1. Ad format ?

2. Approval Process?

  1. Accept almost all website.
  2. Take upto 48 hours for approval.
  3. No Minimum Traffic Required
  4. Website/blog must have text based content

3. Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of  hitupz is based on Request. it's pay minimum $50 by Paypal, Wire.

4. CPC,CPM and CPA Rates ?

CPM rates= Approx upto $4 for every 1000 impression. (Depending on the country and many other parameters)

5. Payment proof & Earning Reports ?

If you got paid by this network please send us a snapshot of your payment proof by click on below upload payment proof button.






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