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AdPubMedia create a direct and comfortable solution between advertisers and publishers, the solutions to CPM ads has been a success, they have great servers and Ad Exchange certified to ensure a comfortable interface and real-time profite platforms. 

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 $10 via paypal

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AdPubMedia Network for Advertiser

AdPubMedia didn't become one of the largest ad network in the world overnight. They dont belive in leaving anyone to find for themselves. The more that they can help setup and maintain their advertising campaigns, the better it will be for all AdPubMedia thats why they've taken the time to developed one of the most rock-solid fraud protection system in the industry. None of us time for games. just time to make more money.  They consider their codes some of the best in Anti Fraud CPM protection

Key Points

AdPubMedia Network for Publishers

Their minimum payments is $10 and payments one request at 15 days will be released NET15. They create an easy, fast and comfortable reporting panel for the publishers who like to be updated to the minute.

Key Points


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