Adnium  Network Review, Payment Proof, Earning Reports

About  Adnium Network

Adnium is one of the best advertising platform for advertisers and publisher and designed for simple navigation and offers you the most powerful tools for the purpose of driving traffic and monetization source for publisher and max to max leads conversion for advertiser with their quality services.

Adnium Network info:



 Establish Year




 Network Type


 Min. Payment

 $100 By Payxum, Wire 

 Payment Freq.

 On Request





 Contact Details

 Telephone: +1 647 479 9890


Anium Network for Advertiser

Adnium's CPMv business model, is introduced to elevate your ROI. Pay only for real impressions by real people and count on a real return on investment. Based only off of viewable impressions, your advertisements must be displayed to the end user to count. This is the time for accountability and better business practices and Adnium is leading the way to fostering accountability thus delivering premium, precision targeted traffic that converts for you. The days of paying for blind impressions is over. Transparency and more valuable exposure is what Adnium delivers. Let us help you take your business to the next level. 

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Adnium Network for Publisher

Adnium is designed for simple navigation and offers you the most powerful tools built for the purpose of driving increased revenues to your bank account. You have the control to set restrictions on the content you will allow on your sites giving you the power and protection you desire. Above all, our real time stats and advanced breakdown of your traffic gives you a clear picture of what you are earning in various geos and so forth. Your ad zones are worth more, Adnium is the network to heighten your earning potential..

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FAQ's for Publishers


1. Adnium ads format ?

2. Adnium Ads Approval Process?

  1. All type website accepted.  
  2. No minimum Traffic Requirements
  3. Need Text Based Content Most

3. Adnium ads Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of Adamo is based on request. it's pay minimum $100 by Paypal, wire.

4. Adnium CPC,CPM and CPA Rates ?

CPM rates= Approx max. upto $0.30 for per 1000 impression. (Depending on the country traffic and many other parameters)

CPC rates= Approx max. upto $0.007 for every clicks.

5. Adnium Payment proof & Earning Reports ?

If You got Paid By this Network Kindly Send us a screenshots of Payment proof. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork
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