About AdMashMedia Network

The AdMashMedia is a digital media company providing technology. services and process that make advertising more efficient and effective. They combine technology and advertisers coverage publishers ad revenue. AdMashMedia stive to make ad dollars accessible to websites worldwide, big or small, achiving operational effeciencies in the media trasacation. 

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CPC,CPM, Intext

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 $10 via paypal, wire, check

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AdMashMedia Network for Advertiser 

AdMashMedia  offers the opportunity to earn additional revenue by reaching the world's top advertisers, agencies, and ad networks through a global ad exchange. They share the intrests and obsess over the same topics. Its this powerful relationship between creator and audience that has built massive and deeply passionate communities across the content and screens that matter most to their audience-and it's this personal level of engagement that's the driving force behind their beloved brands. 

Key Points

AdMashMedia Network for Publisher

Their programmatic consultants will provide strategy for ad tech stack development, header bidding integrations, wrapper selections, private market place (PMP) managment, floor pricing and timeouts, demand source reporting and overall programmatic monetization strategy. They are proud to collaborate with a select group of industry leading partners to deliver premium and entertaing content to an engaged of millions.

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