Link building is the most effective way for bloggers to rank to their blog higher on various search engine result page. Bloggers are try to  many unique types of development for link building. Tier link building is one of them. in this post I am going to describe tier link building methods in expansion with my tier link building technique.


Let's Talk About What is Tier link building?

Tier link building is the process to build backlink tier wise to the money site. Tier link building process is now widely use by blogger because of very easy setup tier’s, further use tier link, easy to remove backlink from link and to get penalty from google panda or penguin updates.

 Benefit of tier link buildings

  1. Easy to setup level wise Links
  2. Use tier links many time to rank other website. In short, easy to rank new website.
  3. Safe from Google panda and penguin updates.
  4. Easy to exclude any backlink from tier’s if any panda or penguin hit occur.


Why Tier Link Building Method is popular?

Tier link building is the very excellent idea for rank website in a very short time. Actually it just passes the link juice and page authority tier to money site. extra profit of tear link building is, in normal link building you just pointed all backlink to your money site so your money site became powerful in days, but in tier link building not only your money site, your tier one link also get rank high on google. And it’s much safer from google penalties.


What is tier-1 backlink?

Tier-1 backlink are the best quality link that’s directly connected with our money site.

Technique of building tier-1 links –

  1. Create some handmade niche a blog with 100% different content which keyword mainly targeted to your money site.
  2. Submit guest post on high PA and DA website. Guest posting on basis of blog’s page rank day’s is over. Now check blog PA and DA for guest posting. As per my recommendation anything above 40 PA and above 50 DA website is greater for tier 1 back link. Some best site for guest posting are problogger, copy blogger etc.
  3. Submit article on high authority article directory site like hubpages.
  4.  Post your article on high authority forum like warrior forum, site point forum etc.
  5. Do press article on high authority forum like warrior forum, site point forum etc.
  6. Submit your blog on wiki
  7. Bookmark your site on some high authority social site like pinterest, stumblerupon, digg etc.

Note- Tier 1 backlink are totally depend on quality because it directly connected to your money site.


What is tier-2 back link?

Tire-2 back link are the one steps lower quality than tier 1 back link which are directly with tier 1 site.

Techniques of building tier 2 links –


  1. Creat 5-10 pages mini blog with different content which keyword important targeted to tier 1 website.
  2. We can use web2.0 site for mini blogs (web 2.0 sites ex. Blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc.)
  3. Do guest post on PA>20 and DA>30 websites.
  4. Do forum posting.
  5. Bookmark your site on social networking site.
  6. Press release.
  7. Blog commeting (comment on do follow comment enable blog for good result) 
  8. Directory submission (Rss feed submission and directory submission)


What is tier 3 back link?

 Tier 3 back link are low quality link which is connected to tier 2 site.

Technique of building tier 3 links

Creat tier 3 links from everywhere wherever you can. You can make automated content or spin content for you tier 3 sites. You can use bulk commenting tools for tier 3 back links. You can submit your site on huge number of free blog directory. ETC.


Overall benefit to tier link building-


It techniques that I use to rank one of my amazon niche site through tier link building –

First I create a 20-30 pages blog which content is fully depend on my amazon niche product.

Then I creat 3 web 2.0 sites with unique 5-6 blog posts on each site.

For example-

Then I follow my entire tier 2 link building tactics.

That’s all...

This small try  rocket my site into first page of google with in a very short time period. As per my view that web 2.0 sites are main reason for huge jump in rank. Because I regularly share my website on social networking and social bookmarking site as well as I follow tier 3 link building on those web 2.0 sites.


Tier link building is the very good idea to rank several sites without doing separate link building campaign. Before starting to create your 1st tier link structure first create a blueprint  of your structure, which might help you to focus more. Let’s create your own tier link building structure and rank fast in google. if you have any question so give a comment below.


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